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DMI Support Team

You've Enrolled On Your Program

What happens next?

After you have registered for your program you will receive an email from your program manager, instructing you how to access the MyDMI.

If you have any admin-related queries, your program manager will be happy to answer them. For any queries regarding course content or written assignments, there is a dedicated e-learning manager who is available to support you in your studies.

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DMI Support Network

Learning Platform

Supportive Student Network

The Digital Marketing Institute’s job is to equip you with the up-to-date knowledge you need to thrive in a rapidly growing and ever-changing industry. That’s why our product team, in collaboration with industry experts, work hard to keep your course content fresh, structured and current.

Our Learning Platform will guide you through your learning experience, providing you with news, updates and advice. Online forums allow you to connect with other students to share ideas, ask questions and receive feedback.

We Get You In The Game

Member Stories

Having gained an introduction to the digital field at Epsilon, I realized there were many more areas to explore and gain knowledge in. Digital marketing is a key part of every successful business, and is a career path I decided to pursue.

Between the course management team, comprehensive learning content and weekly blogs on the Digital Marketing Institute website, I felt that my learning experience was very well supported overall.

When I decided to rejoin the workforce, I recognized the digital skills gap in my CV, and knew it needed to be addressed before approaching potential employers.

Student Experience

Your e-learning manager

Your e-learning manager is responsible for supporting the online student experience. They will oversee and manage resources to assist students as they progress through their course material towards certification, via various support tools such as email, webinars, and student forums.

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