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Dear Friend,

Imagine all your affiliate programs working for you like auto-pilot cash machines stuffing your bank account with endless automatic cash payments and checks every single day of the year.

Imagine a method that makes turning those affiliate programs into massive profits like child's play and generates unlimited cash flow with one of the easiest and proven techniques for long term money making systems known using the Internet that the Big Dogs of Internet marketing use everyday but never reveal exactly how it’s done.

Follow the secret strategies and simple techniques in my Ultimate Bum Marketing Super Affiliate Guide and you don't have to imagine it any more. You too can start making money quickly after reading this breakthrough Affiliate Marketing blueprint created to reveal to you how to rake in cash hand over fist.

First let's go over some of the basics. Affiliate marketing has 3 very simple steps to get started…

Step 4 Is Sitting Back and Watching In Amazement As Your Bank Account Gets Stuffed With Endless Cash Profits Day And Night!

When you look at most other online business "opportunities" this is as fast and simple as it gets. You don't need lots of money or any real technical skills.

You can profit instantly without having your own products and services and you don’t have to waste a lot of time and hassle with developing winning products or services.

NO tech skills needed
NO website needed
NO inventory to ship
NO employees
NO massive costs
NO products to develop
NO copywriting costs

Do you have dreams of building an Internet Marketing Empire that generates enough cash for you to quit your job, requires only a few hours of tactics to implement and allows you to live the lifestyle you deserve?

Are you struggling to make any money with affiliate programs?

I can still remember my first sale. I had to call my Mother I was so excited. It wasn’t even enough to buy dinner for two but it was still my first sale!

You can grab an affiliate product and have it online making you money in 15 minutes tops! And you can quickly grab dozens of affiliate niche products to cash in where others have no idea of the profit potential available.

One of the most important aspects of all, turning affiliate products into automatic cash generating machines really works!

Once you get these methods and strategies set up to work on complete autopilot, you’ll see how easy it really is.

$525 in 5 days! $1,200+ in 15 days! $2,500+ in 30 days from a single affiliate program! It can be shocking at first!

I reveal to you step-by-step how you can duplicate my success with these easy to follow methods.

Imagine the possibilities of what you could do in your life with just some of this kind of income. What would an extra $300, $500 or $1,500 weekly income do for you?

You can manifest your dreams into reality with a steady stream of income starting in 15 minutes using the methods I’ve developed for residual income.

The dynamic part of this profitable business is the fact I made all these incredible affiliate sales in my spare time from home. I spend most of my time enjoying the good life. I fact, I spent most of the weekend up at the Feather River Canyon lounging around in the sun with my girl friend. I’m getting ready for another vacation on the Hawaiian Islands. This time I’m thinking Kauai would be a nice adventure. I don’t need to work the old 9 to 5 like the majority of people do. I usually start my day about 10am and I’m off running out the door by 2pm to explore this wonderful world we live in.

The mind-blowing part about all of this is that I don’t even know html, css, php and most of the other tech aspects of Internet marketing. Another amazing thing is that I never went to college and spent most of my time in high school racing dirt bikes, working on muscle cars and chasing girls but I still managed to build a an Internet marketing business that’s worth over $100,000!

If I can do this so can YOU! Even if you don’t know all the tech stuff or you're really short on time and cash you can still make these proven breakthrough affiliate marketing strategies I reveal to you and cash in like the Big Dogs of Internet marketing do every single day.

The fantastic part about these marketing methods and secrets revealed to you is the fact that turning affiliate products into fast cash is a powerful skill that, if acquired, will allow any person to virtually print their own money on demand. In contrast, without this skill, you can have access to an unlimited amount of affiliate products and it won’t matter at all. You'll never use them to generate any cash to speak of.

Sadly, many marketers experience many years of trial, error, and frustration, not to mention a price tag of $1,000’s in failed attempts.

These methods are very profitable to say the least when applied properly. I’m sure you’ve heard of those making $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, even $500,000+ and more per year from affiliate marketing.

Did you know that Bum Marketing is now the Hottest way to drive in FREE targeted traffic to make affiliate sales, sell your own products and explode your AdSense income?

Basically, Bum Marketing is a low or even zero cost method of writing articles on good, low competition keywords, and directing the articles to something you can make money with, usually affiliate products.

Now I’m obsessed with this method and finding ideas to increase productivity and to make The Bum Marketing Method as efficient as possible which leads to an increase in affiliate sales!

We all know that Free search engine traffic is one of the best ways to go if you don’t want to spend a fortune on PPC and traffic generation. Search engines are used by Internet users when they start their search for information they need before they purchase any type of product, solution and or service.

One single affiliate product that I promote cranks out $12.95 residual payments straight into my PayPal account like ‘clock-work’ and has turned into $2,000+ in pure profits without spending a single red cent!

After spending several thousands of dollars and hours researching what works and what does not work to make money online, I’ve developed "The Ultimate Bum Marketing Super Affiliate Guide", with secrets, tactics, resources, tools, strategies and tricks for creating massive affiliate commissions using the methods of Bum Marketing to explode it to the next level!

All this knowledge and wisdom has been compiled into an EBook which will take you by the hand and reveal to you in a simple step-by-step style how you too can be a Bum Marketing Super Affiliate and build your Bum Marketing Empire!


What if you knew 100% without a doubt that you would rake in massive cash deposits by putting this vital information into action?

Would you be interested?


Then lets get you started making some serious cash with Bum Marketing.

Just Look At the Bum Marketing Secrets
That will Be Revealed!

  • How To Become A Super Affiliate By Being A Bum Marketing Pro!
  • Should ClickBank Be The Focal Point Of Your Bum Marketing Empire?
  • The Simple & Effective Solution To Ezinearticles For Getting Top 10 Google Listings Using ________ For Your Affiliate Links!
  • Bum Marketing Keyword Research Secrets!
  • Looking Beyond ClickBank To Explode Your Bum Marketing Affiliate Commissions!
  • The Bum Marketing _____ _____ _____ To Explode Your Profits!
  • How Can You Become A Bum Marketing Super Affiliate?
  • 3 Vital Steps To Become A Bum Marketing Super Affiliate!
  • Free _____ _____ ______ ______ For Bum Marketing Super Affiliates With Over 100 Niche Content Website Tools!
  • The Different Types Of Affiliate Marketing To Consider To Include With Your Bum Marketing Empire!
  • Finding Hot Selling Affiliate Products To Sell For Bum Marketing!
  • 5 Important Factors To Consider When Promoting and Looking For The Hottest Affiliate Products!
  • How Many Affiliate Checks Do You Want To Receive From Your Bum Marketing Empire?
  • How To Turn Your Articles Into Residual Cash Generating Machines In 7 Simple Steps And Gain Over 500% Increase From Your Writing Efforts!
  • 2 Magic Formulas To Increase Your Conversion Rates With Bum Marketing!
  • Top 7 Ways Writing Articles Can Expand Your Bum Marketing Business!
  • The Top Article Directories PR5 and Higher For The Bum Marketing Super Affiliate!
  • 50 Hot Article Directories That Show Traffic (Alexa) and Pagerank!
  • 5 Things You Must Have To Be A Bum Marketing Super Affiliate!


**** Rave Testimonials and Reviews! ****

“The first two methods you describe I have used and can verify that they really work”…


I've had a quick read and there's great stuff in there, the first two methods you describe I have used and can verify that they really work well, a very little known secret, well was until now thanks again for a great read, now to file it away in my bum folder.

“It has reminded me how powerful some of these techniques can be and given me some ideas to implement in my own products”…

Hey Dean,

This ebook certainly does expand on some of the Bum Marketing concepts and whilst it does give you some great resources and techniques that you may not have come across, you will probably have to know a bit about Bum Marketing first before you implement them.

I use several of these and can confirm that they really do make a difference!

It has reminded me how powerful some of these techniques can be and given me some ideas to implement in my own products.


“I got several new solid methods that I can put into action with this Ebook”...

Great Ebook Dean! As someone who has bought a couple of recent Bum Marketing products recently, I can say I got several new solid methods that I can put into action with this Ebook.


Niche Marketer

“So many twists and ideas my head is spinning!”...

Great report! So many twists and ideas my head is spinning! Well done with this one Dean. Your Ebooks are now a must buy for me.

William Siebler
Affiliate Marketer

“I Strongly recommend this as “essential reading” to anyone involved with Bum Marketing”...

Hey Dean,

Just finished reading the Ebook. Lots and Lots of ideas to implement, I am not even sure where to start. Great Job and well done! I Strongly recommend this as "essential reading" to anyone involved with Bum Marketing.

Internet Marketer

“Bum Marketing is one of the few free methods for making money online, combine that with Dean's report and failure should not be an option”...

Hi Dean,

Just want to say thanks for an excellent report. As an existing Bum Marketer, I can assure anyone who is interested in this product that it is very much worth the investment. Remember, Bum marketing is one of the few free methods for making money online, combine that with Dean's report and failure should not be an option.

All the best

Affiliate Marketer

“It's exactly what I needed to get going”…

Well done Dean - I've got to print this out and spend some time studying it, but it's exactly what I needed to get going; I think I'll make an excellent bum, LOL!

Niche Marketer/Software Developer

“Thanks for your research and putting this information out so all can benefit”…


Great stuff. Scanned over material. You introduce many new things most of us never knew about. Great addition to the original report by Travis.

Thanks for your research and putting this information out so all can benefit. No reason why I shouldn't succeed with my BUM plan now.

Affiliate Marketer

“Well done Dean and at this price this is an Ebook you cannot afford to miss if you want to take Bum Marketing up in a big way”...


I have had a thorough read this morning and this is precisely what I was looking for! Well done Dean and at this price this is an Ebook you cannot afford to miss if you want to take Bum Marketing up in a big way.

Take care.

Paul Duxbury
Niche Marketer

“Just the tip of which directory you use most and how you use it is going to add a lot to my bottom line this year”...


Thanks for the detailed step by step guide. Really cleared up some questions and techniques I was wondering about. And just the tip of which directory you use most and how you use it is going to add a lot to my bottom line this year.

Great job!

Niche Marketer

“This is a must read to anyone struggling with bum marketing. Awesome Book”!!

This is a must read to anyone struggling with bum marketing. No fluff just plain and simple methods that works.

I've learned a great deal from this ebook.

Thanks Dean,

Affiliate Marketer

If You Can Put Together Sentences That Makes Sense, You Can Become a Bum Marketing Super Affiliate!

"The Ultimate Bum Marketing Super Affiliate Guide" contains an easy to follow guide packed with Powerful Step-By-Step style that has plenty of Golden Nuggets that can blow your Bum Marketing efforts through the roof!

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To Your Success,

Dean Shainin
Dean Shainin (The Bum Marketing Wiz)