squidoo secrets for bum marketing
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From the desk of Dean Shainin:

Dear Online Marketer,

Did you know that incorporating Bum Marketing with Squidoo is the Surefire way to Drive In FREE Targeted Traffic, grab Top 10 Google Search results to make affiliate sales, sell your own products, build back links to your own mini-sites and explode your income?

squido secrets for bum marketing

If you are a Bum Marketer not using Squidoo or if you are a Squidoo Lensmaster not using Bum Marketing you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to cash in!

While doing some major research over the past few months on several niches I discovered this strange sounding thing called Squidoo. At first I ignored this Social Networking site called Squidoo.

Over time while doing my research for Bum Marketing keyword criteria I was shocked at what I've discovered. I could not believe seeing Squidoo in the Top 10 Google Search results over and over again.

With my Bum Marketing “long tail keyword” research I noticed 43,900 Competitors for my keyword in quotes and without quotes 25,600,000 competitors!

There it was again, Squidoo in #1 and #2 out of 25,600,000 Google Search results!

I’ve discovered so many perfect Bum Marketing keywords showing Squidoo in the Top 10 Google Search results with competition of 25,000+ in quotes it’s crazy. I know I’ll never be able to go after all of them. I’m hoping you will see the massive potential here to make an enormous amount of cash using Bum Marketing with Squidoo!

Do you realize what this can do for Bum Marketers using Squidoo or Squidoo Lensmasters that use The Bum Marketing Method?

The bottom line on what I’ve stumbled upon is that Google loves Squidoo!

I see it in black and white that Squidoo is beating out Ezinearticles for my Bum Marketing keywords!

This is fantastic news for Bum Marketers and Squidoo Lensmasters because a major driving force with Squidoo and Bum Marketing is the use of keywords to get into the Top Google search listings. You can dominate a niche using “long tail keywords” by incorporating Bum Marketing with Squidoo!

There are so many benefits with Squidoo over other Social Networking sites such as MySpace it’s amazing to say the least!

Squidoo was designed for affiliate marketing!

You don’t have to worry about re-directs, cloaking links, staying under the radar and building your own websites. Squidoo is FREE and you can ad powerful marketing tools such as YouTube, audio, RSS feeds, opt-in forms and so many more great tools for niche marketing. You can set up your own Squidoo Bum Marketing mini-sites in 5 minutes!

Another great relief to those of us that have been using Social Networking sites such as MySpace for marketing is the fact that you are NOT breaking their Terms of Service and trying to stay under the radar with your marketing efforts.

You can build an amazing Bum Marketing Squidoo Empire while everyone else is focused on messing around with other Social Networking sites like MySpace playing hide and seek with a bunch of teenagers and risking law suits from a Social Networking site with deep pockets!

It’s just going to get harder everyday to profit with sites like MySpace. Now MySpace is going after Adder Bots to boot! These types of sites such as MySpace have become what I call “Big Spam Machines”!

I’m not here to beat up on MySpace. I’m simply pointing out the cold hard facts. I have over 30,000+ so called “sock puppet friends” with MySpace so I know this from experience.

If you are already using Bum Marketing or Squidoo you will have a tremendous advantage over other marketers that are only using one or the other for their marketing efforts!

There are thousands of Squidoo Lensmasters that have not discovered the power of Bum Marketing. And there are just as many Bum Marketers that have not discovered the power of Squidoo!

Secure your future now because Squidoo is a monster that is getting ready to be unleashed!


Here are just a few of the insider secrets that are revealed:

Discover Why Squidoo Is The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Resource For Building A Flourishing Bum Marketing Empire!
These Amazing Squidoo Lens #1 And #2 For Google Search Results Out Of 25,600,000 Competitors Are Mouth-Watering To Bum Marketers!
Discover How To Drive Swarms Of Traffic To Your Squidoo Lens And Grab The Top 100 Lens Rankings Using This Proven _____ _________ __________ Method!
How To Create Successful Search Engine Friendly and Surefire Profit Grabbing Bum Marketing Squidoo Lenses For Generating Residual Income!
How To Get Into The Top Ranking 100 Squidoo Lenses With These Simple Yet Powerful Techniques Following This 20 Minute Per Day Formula!
How To D-O-M-I-N-A-T-E Your Niche By Modelling The Ultimate Bum Marketing Squidoo Genius!
Explosive Bum Marketing Squidoo Traffic Techniques To Boost Your Lens Rank Using _______ ______, _______ _____ _____ and _______ ______!
The Vital Resources To Quickly Build Your Bum Marketing Squidoo Empire!
Planning The Dynamic Outline & Content For Your Bum Marketing Squidoo Niche Lenses!
The Most Profitable Affiliate Niche Dominating Edge Creating Your Own Unique Bum Marketing Squidoo Empire!



Squidoo Secrets for Article Marketing and Bum Marketers
Squidoo is a superior affiliate marketing model for Bum Marketers or anyone looking to cash in with their own products, sites and services. In fact that is exactly what Squidoo was designed to do.

What Other Internet Marketers Say About
Dean Shainins’ “Ultimate Bum Marketing Squidoo Secrets Unleashed”

Hi Dean,

Got it, read it and here's my review...

Ok, the secret is out... if you want to take your Bum Marketing to the next level and haven't jumped on Squidoo yet, you are seriously missing out... BIG TIME!

Dean has created yet another brilliant report where he has condensed some of the best strategies that most highly successful bum marketers are using, yet seldom talk about...

It will become glaringly obvious as to why you would want to take advantage of the many benefits of using Squidoo; from being able to compete for more "difficult" keywords to the advantages of using Social Media in your Bum Marketing efforts.

Dean will take you by the hand and explain the how's and why's of using Squidoo to the max and also lists some extremely valuable resources when building out your network of lenses. He also discusses various methods to drive even more traffic to your Squidoo lenses (besides search engine traffic).

This report is invaluable for marketers already using Squidoo as it can take your lenses to the next level; and is a MUST for those who have not learned how to leverage Squidoo to increase their exposure.

My recommendation: STOP reading right now, buy the report and start earning money with Squidoo the bum way today.

All the best,


Hi Dean,

I would have to say that this is a "must read" if someone's looking to promote any product online, whether it's their own or as an affiliate. The scope on Squidoo is fantastic and Dean, as with each of his other reports, gives you the information that you need to get started straight away and does it in a very readable style. This book gets to the point without waffle but does give you what you need to get moving.

I've read three of Dean's Ebooks and been impressed with all of them but this one is perhaps the most useful to me overall because there was so much that I learned from new.

I would certainly recommend this.
Warrior Forum Marketer

AWESOME read Dean!

Really great information.

I had to stop everything I was doing today to now go to Squidoo and try something "new".

Thanks Dean!
Carey Paris


Dean writes in an easy to read and understand fashion and everything that I have purchased from him has lived up to the description and beyond as far as good useable information. His products never fail to give me new ideas and help lead me to coming up with different ideas on the subjects myself.



Hi Dean,

This has got to be the perfect marriage between 2 great marketing tactics Bum Marketing and Squidoo. Cheers!



This EBook contains an easy to follow guide with over 7,700+ words and 26 pages loaded with provocative and fascinating information that you can:

Immediately use to build your own Bum Marketing Squidoo mini-sites!

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A true "no-brainer".

This offer is strictly limited and I reserve the right to change it at any time.

So if you want in on the insider secrets that most "gurus" don’t want you to know and to take advantage of this money making opportunity (without any risk whatsoever) then do it now - before it slips your mind and before it's too late.

Here's how to order:

To get your copy now send $17 through paypal and the EBook is all yours! It’s in PDF. 100% Satisfaction Is Guaranteed. If for any reason you do not like this amazing EBook, I'll send you a Full Refund within 24 hrs. NO Questions Asked!

To Your Success,
Dean Shainin (The Bum Marketing Wiz)