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From the desk of Dean Shainin:

Golden Article Writing is the Secret to Becoming King of the Bum Marketers

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Did you know that one of the most remarkable aspects about Bum Marketing is to realize the entire method revolves around writing compelling articles and USFreeads. Your articles and USFreeads are “at the heart” of how the method generates cash whether from affiliate sales, your own products and or AdSense income.

A single article I wrote has made Over $800+ straight into my PayPal account. To this day this single article brings in residual cash every single month! Two outstanding Bum Marketing articles I just wrote are #7 & #8 for Google Search results out of 63,200,000 competitors! These two compelling articles drive an average of 100+ unique visitors per day to one of my profitable AdSense niche sites!

I’ve now discovered a breakthrough formula from testing and comparing results of these cash generating Bum Marketing sales machines. I've written and submitted well over 400+ articles using several Pen names. The results are in. Bum Marketing Rocks!



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"The Secret Bum Marketing Golden Article Writing Formla"

Dean, bought this when it first launched, and just now had a chance to read it - been a very, very busy day (in the middle of a massive product launch myself - wish it was something I could do a WSO on!) but this is probably your best yet! I actually enjoy writing - but often have so much going on at once that it can be tough to really get the "punch" you want to the piece....but this latest work is filled with pages of great tips to get your creative juices going!

I have several of those "expert" copywriting books on the book shelf - 200+ pages - that are gathering dust - you just distilled them down to 30+ 0+ pages of pure useable content!

Thanks - once again - right on the spot!!
Melody Wigdahl

Dean -

OK - I've read it. Anyone doing Bum Marketing or article marketing NEEDS to read this. You have gone way out there with this one - would be surprised if you aren't getting hate mail from some top marketers for telling it all.

Your experience and success with article marketing really shows through. I'm to the point where I don't read your sales copy...just click the "buy" button.

Really great job and a real bargain. Now to print and read again - slowly.


Got it! Previewed it!

Not disappointed...

Great stuff as always!

Thanks again, Dean

My hard drive will be full of deans stuff soon and each
one gets better and better at this rate we will all be bum
geniuses, beats me how dean can keep producing these great wsos
and this his latest product is a very nice addition to my
bum arsenal highly recommended i would have paid double Dean :)

Hi Dean,

Sorry I'm late with my comments on your wso, still going through all the information.

Fellow warriors, if you are into Bum Marketing, thinking about Bum Marketing, even if you already doing Bum Marketing YOU NEED THIS! Dean has overdelivered on this one. Just the Bonus(Massive Keyword List) can be sold by itself for more than the cost of this wso. The research is done for you which makes it a No Brainer!! Congrats Dean on this outstanding report.


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I see dozens of questions asked everyday on the Warrior Forum on how to improve article writing, USFreeads, how to create effective Bios and how to make more money with bum marketing.

Some marketers have discovered the power of Bum Marketing and know it’s the Hottest way to Drive In FREE Targeted Traffic to make affiliate sales, sell your own products and to explode your AdSense income by writing "long tail keyword" articles to get into the Top 10 Google Search results. However, many bum marketers don't know the shocking truth of why their articles and USFreeads are not producing instant results.

I’ve been wondering why some bum marketers are not getting remarkable results from this surprisingly simple method. I've decided it’s time to reveal to YOU Powerful Closely-Guarded Secrets I’ve discovered writing Bum Marketing articles and USFreeads!

I'm going to reveal to you my mind-blowing secrets I've discovered with Bum Marketing! You will learn the shocking truth!

Many of you already know I've been making major breakthroughs with Bum Marketing since it was revealed to the general public by Travis. I'm constantly looking for dynamic ways to improve and expound upon this proven method by developing techniques to increase productivity and to make The Bum Marketing Method as efficient as possible to boost affiliate sales!

I've created this remarkable EBook for you to quickly increase your Bum Marketing profits with tips, tricks, tools and resources for generating explosive affiliate commissions.

This new EBook has been designed to unlock the hidden secret keys of Bum Marketing. It will take-you-by-the-hand and reveal to YOU in a simple step-by-step style all the best kept secrets on how YOU too can benefit using my simple breakthrough formula to build your own Bum Marketing Empire!

Here's Some of the Secret Contents
that are Revealed!

  • Would You Be Startled If You Made $2,125 Within 24 Hours?
  • How To Write Remarkable Bum Marketing Articles Using Your Own Liberal Style!
  • The Magic Formula To Profitable Bum Marketing Articles Titles Revealed!
  • How To Be Unique, Entertaining and How To Show Off Your Personality Writing Outstanding Bum Marketing Articles!
  • The Simple Master Formula _________ Revealed For Successful Bum Marketing __________ ___________ To Stimulate USFreeads and All Classified Ad Sales!
  • Revealing Bum Marketing Display Ads Secrets To Sensational USFreeads Copy!
  • How To Create Compelling Bum Marketing Advertising Headlines To Easily Make Enormous Conversions For Your Affiliate Sales!
  • How To Absolutely Know Your Customers Wants, Needs and Desires Revealed In These Proven Simple Steps For Creating Valuable Bum Marketing Articles and USFreeads!
  • The Bum Marketers Command To Action Method To Compel Your Reader To Act Now!
  • How To Guarantee Unparalleled Success And Be A Wise Bum Marketer When Offering Your Own Products!
  • The Complete Do's and Don'ts Checklist For Writing Outstanding Bum Marketing USFreeads Classified Ads!
  • The Mind-Blowing Bum Marketers ____ _____ ____ _____ To Grab Your Readers Attention In Article Titles, USfreeads & Article Bios!
  • The Ultimate Bum Marketers Fast Action _____ _______ To Grab Your Readers Attention In Bios and USfreeads!
  • How To Submit Your Bum Marketing Articles To Article Banks, Ezine Directories And Publishers To Grab Immediate Traffic To Your Website For The Advanced Bum Marketer!
  • Extremely Powerful Techniques For Bum Marketers That Create Attractive Sites Using ____ ___ ____ _____ With Keyword Research Already Completed For You!
  • Contacting _____ ________ For Our Targeted Bum Marketing Niche Related Products!
  • Contacting _____ ________ For Explosive List Building and Unlimited Affiliate Sales!
  • Outstanding Red Hot ________ Looking To Publish Your Bum Marketing Articles That Can Drive Thousands Of Targeted Niche Buyers!
  • How To Do All Your Bum Marketing Niche and Keyword Research Using These Top 5 Superior Tools For Free!
  • Watch This Revealing Free Video On How To Quickly Generate Massive Niche Keyword Lists From Any Website Within Seconds And Spy On Your Competition!

Proven Closely-Guarded Secrets

This EBook contains easy to follow methods with over 14,000 words and 47 pages packed with Powerful Step-By-Step techniques with proven Closely-Guarded Secrets that can be used to make money hand-over-fist! This EBook was scheduled to be sold for at least $47 when it is released for publication and I feel that it is worth much more. For a limited time you can grab this amazing Ebook for Only $27.00!

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Subjects to the "long tail keywords” are "purchase" "review" and “tips”. These are the ultimate keywords people are searching when they are ready to purchase a solution to a problem or have a burning desire that lead to explosive sales for Bum Marketers!


Here is the license for the EBook: The Secret Bum Marketers Golden Article Writing Formula!

There are no resale rights included and all rights are reserved.

To Your Bum Marketing Success,
Dean Shainin (The Bum Marketing Wiz)

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