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Dear Friend,

Did you know Bum Marketing is one of the Hottest ways to Drive In FREE Targeted Traffic to make affiliate sales, sell your own products, drive traffic to your blogs and to explode your AdSense income by writing “long tail keyword” articles to get into the Top 10 Google Search results for FREE?

Imagine all your articles working for you like auto-pilot cash machines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It’s like having your own army of salesmen working for you day and night.

Imagine an easy method that makes writing those articles like simple child's play and rakes in massive cash profits with one of the time tested and most proven business models on the internet today...

Follow the insider secrets in Dean Shainin’s Bum Marketing Cash Profits Revolution Package and you don't have to imagine it any more...it can happen for you starting only minutes after reading his revolutionary Article Marketing blueprint!...

Ever wonder how it is that others seem to just know how to be extremely successful with article marketing by expounding upon Bum Marketing?

Here is an example of only 3 commissions I've received from one single article promoting two residual affiliate programs in my bio. At this point I've made $3,587 in residual income from one article! I left out a few details for privacy.

Hi there!

You just got an (blanked out for my privacy)______ ______ sale!

Here are the sale details:

Commission: $200.00
OrderID: 76229044MA371144G
ProductID: 9632
Date&time: 2007-09-23 03:23:11
Status: Approved
IP address: (I deleted for purchasers privacy)

Affiliate Manager

Congratulations! You have generated a sale on the ___________ affiliate program. Be sure to login to your account and check your accounting history and current stats.

Top Tier Amount: $12.95 USD

Dear Endless Income For LIfe,

__________ Limited just sent you money with PayPal.

__________ Limited is a Verified buyer.

Payment Details

$36.26 USD

Transaction ID:

________________.com Affiliate Payment

With thanks for your referrals!

One Single Affiliate Product That I Promote Cranks Out $12.95 Residual Payments Straight Into My PayPal Account Day And Night Like ‘Clock-Work’ And Has Turned Into  $3,587+ In Pure Profits Without Spending A Single Red Cent!

First let's go over a few of the basics to article marketing also called "bum marketing" has 3 very simple steps... 

  1. You write an article "optimized" using the Bum Marketing Method for the best "keyword phrases".
  2. You submit your Bum Marketing "keyword optimized" article to the top article submission directories like Ezinearticles.com You rinse and repeat writing informative cash producing articles one-by-one.
  3. Your articles get into the Google Top 10 search results for FREE and eager buyers click on your "resource box" in your articles and purchase from your site or your affiliate links when they see your listing in the top search engine results.

Step 4 Is Sitting Back and Watching In Amazement As Your Bank Account Gets Stuffed With Endless Cash Profits Day And Night!

When you look at most other online business "opportunities" this is as fast and simple as it gets. You don't need lots of money or any real technical skills.

You can profit instantly without having your own products and services and you don’t have to waste a lot of time and hassle with developing winning products or services.

NO tech skills needed
NO website needed
NO inventory to ship
NO employees
NO massive costs
NO products to develop
NO copywriting costs

Do you have dreams of building an Internet Marketing Empire that generates enough cash for you to quit your job, requires only a few hours of tactics to implement and allows you to live the lifestyle you deserve?

Are you struggling to make any money with Internet marketing?

You can write a short 250 word article and have it online making you money in 10 minutes flat! And you can quickly rinse and repeat promoting niche products where others have no idea of the profit potential available. 

One of the most important aspects of all, turning articles into automatic cash generating machines really works!

Once you get these secret methods and strategies set up to work on complete autopilot, you’ll see how easy it really is.

$525 in 5 days! $1,200+ in 15 days! $2,500+ in 30 days from a single article! It can be shocking at first!

I reveal to you step-by-step how you can duplicate my success with these easy to follow methods.

Imagine the possibilities of what you could do in your life with just some of this kind of income. What would an extra $300, $500 or $1,500 weekly income do for you?

You can manifest your dreams into reality with a steady stream of income starting in 10 minutes using the methods I’ve developed for residual income.

The dynamic part of this profitable business is the fact I made all these incredible affiliate sales in my spare time from home. I spend most of my time enjoying the good life. I’m getting ready for another vacation on the Hawaiian Islands. This time I’m thinking Kauai would be a cool adventure.

Hang Loose!

I don’t need to work the old 9 to 5 like the majority of people do. I usually start my day about 10am and I’m off running out the door by 2pm to explore life.

The mind-blowing part about all of this is that I don’t even know html, css, php and most of the other tech aspects of Internet marketing.

Another amazing thing is that I never went to college and spent most of my time in high school racing dirt bikes, working on muscle cars and chasing girls but I still managed to build an Internet marketing business that’s worth over $100,000!

If I can do this so can YOU! Even if you don’t know all the tech stuff or you're really short on time and cash you can still make these “proven breakthrough” Bum Marketing strategies I reveal to you and cash in like the Big Dogs of Internet marketing do every single day.

Let me ask you a simple question...

If It Took You Only 15 Minutes To Build A "Sales Machine" That Made You $20 In Residual Sales Every Month How Many Would You Create?

Imagine creating 50 “sales machines” per month X 12 months = 600 articles = $12,000 per month with an average of $20 per article per month!

Even if you make ½ of this it’s still $6,000 per month from your residual cash generating sales machines!

You might be thinking, “I don’t like to write”. I’ll give you the simple solution to crank out 50 articles per month with ease.

Read on, and you'll learn how to use and apply the same secret weapons of Bum Marketing that top marketers are using right now, to stuff their bank accounts with colossal profits.

If you’ve been struggling with Bum Marketing and want to know how to really make money, and send your online profits soaring - then this is definitely the most important letter you will read today!

Here’s why:

At one point, I was struggling with article marketing myself and seemed to me like I would never get it right...

All the information from the 'Gurus' only confused me more and more until I finally decided to quit doing the wrong things and only focus on the things that really worked!

So, what you'll actually find in this package is the techniques that really work, and nothing more...

How much is Bum Marketing worth to your business?

Could you imagine how would it be like if all your Bum Marketing efforts really produced the results you've been struggling for?

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn't if you know how - and I'll tell you exactly how in this blueprint...

And It's Not Like Any Other Strategies You've Ever Read On Bum Marketing...


Simply, because everything in this Ebook has been tried in real life and really works period.

Nothing could be easier!




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Hi Dean,

Just finished reading your ebook and found it amazing.

Just what I needed to put everything into perspective.

I had some grey areas and didn't quite know how to go about
profiting from Bum Marketing but your ebook has helped me out

If you have some knowledge of Bum Marketing but want to know more then this is for you. I would have easily paid $97 for this!

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“Bum Marketing is one of the few free methods for making money online, combine that with Dean's report and failure should not be an option”…

Hi Dean,

Just want to say thanks for an excellent report. As an existing Bum Marketer, I can assure anyone who is interested in this product that it is very much worth the investment if you are prepared to put in the effort. Remember, Bum Marketing is one of the few free methods for making money online, combine that with Dean's report and failure should not be an option.

Thanks again to Travis for the original idea, and Dean for producing such an excellent product.

All the best,

Warrior Forum

“Found it to contain very good information, no fluff”…


Just bought. I have one of your earlier books on Bum Marketing and found it to contain very good information, no fluff.

Thank You for this new and updated information.

Warrior Forum

“Dean's latest entry into the Bum Marketing phenomenon is excellent”!

If anyone is sitting on the fence, it is now time to get off. Dean's latest entry into the Bum Marketing phenomenon is excellent! This should come as no surprise to anyone that has purchased from him previously, his products are always high quality and a great value.

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Here Are Just A Few More Of The Many Secrets And Strategies You'll Discover With The Information In This Blueprint Most Marketers Will Never Know!

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And best of all...

You Don't Have To Take Out A Personal Loan!

You know what some marketers charge for "coaching" these days? You have to take out a loan to afford their program.

I know what you’re saying, some of that information is great (I occasionally offer coaching myself on the Warrior Forum), but you really should save your money for right now.

Get some major cash flow going first using these tactics, then you can figure out how to build your Internet Marketing Empire and amass life changing wealth with an expensive coaching program costing well over $997!

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This is an introductory price only and won't be here for long. As soon as a certain number of copies have been sold at the discounted price of $17 I will increase the price.

I'm sure you will agree that $17 is a mere pittance for the information to help you make literally thousands of dollars using my Bum Marketing Cash Profits Revolution strategies.

I know you want to get started right now but I’m going to add these mind-blowing bonuses that are going to get into profits even quicker. I want to help you get into profits as fast as possible right now if you act fast.

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That's why I've put together this crazy package what I call the "The Ultimate Most Complete Article Marketing Package". It gives you enough content to create thousands of niche articles to sell your affiliate products, your own products, drive targeted traffic to your AdSense sites and anything else you need for marketing online.

If you want to drive traffic to your affiliate products, your own website, and get a higher search engine ranking with article marketing, you need to get into writing articles and If you’re not really a writer, then this is the ultimate solution for you!

Here's what you'll find inside this amazing resource available to the first 25 fast acting “Bum Marketing Cash Profits Revolution” buyers!

Included Topics...

1500 Keyword Dense Articles in a variety of Niche Topics that YOU can add YOUR own name to as the author, publish anywhere that YOU wish.

This ultimate article niche bonus package gives you enough content to create thousands of keyword rich articles within minutes!

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Dean Shainin
Dean Shainin (The Bum Marketing Wiz)


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